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Let’s Talk Growth AND Retention: The Benefits of Rice Water and How to Use it Properly
The overall goal for most is to have healthy, shiny, long hair, but it can be a little tough to get there. Rice water is the newest remedy to help you achieve all of your hair goal dreams. Let’s discuss. 
The use of rice water originated in China, Japan, and other Southeastern Asian countries. It has been used for centuries and has a very in-depth history of causing intense hair growth. It has been reported and cited in history that Japan would have women with hair so long that it touched the floor. These claims are not unfounded either. According to Medical News Today, the rice water has centuries of repertoire with hair growth. Likewise, in modern-day China, there’s a village called Huangluo where the Yao women are flourishing with their 6-foot long hair...Their secret? Also, rice water. So how does it work? 
Rice water is just that, water that was once soaking in rice. The water grabs the antioxidants and minerals within the rice to add shine and strength back into the hair. You simply put the rice in water and strain it after 30 minutes of soaking. For better results, allow the rice to ferment by steeping for up to 2 days, which adds a little oomph of extra antioxidants and minerals. You can boil the water with the rice as you would with cooking; just double the amount of water to prepare for boiling and strain your rice from the rice water once the rice is cooked, and the water is cloudy. Use the rice water like a conditioning treatment, after you shampoo and condition your hair like normal, pour the rice water over your hair and massage into the scalp, allow it to sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
The history behind this hair trend has made it prevalent around the world. With literal centuries to back up the results, why not give it a try?
If creating your rice water seems a little daunting to you, do not fret. Curly Chic has a rice water line that might be right up your alley. The set has 4 products
total in the collection: a hair rinse, hair milk, shampoo, and conditioner. These products will work to give your hair shine while strengthening it the same way natural rice water would. All of their products are free of parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil.  
In comparison to other growth oils, these products deal with moisturizing your hair strands to prevent breakage and promote hair strength. Hair oils, like the Hollywood Hair Bar Oil or the Design Essentials Vitamin E oil deals more with replenishing your scalp and the root of your hair, which is also essential to lasting hair growth and length retention.  Here are a few other hair oils that are available at the Beauty Depot for your scalp nourishing needs: Kaleidoscope, Hollywood Hair Bar, Design Essentials Vitamin E, Mielle Organics: Rosemary Mint Oil, Wild Growth, Virgin Hair Fertilizer. 
This is not a drill, Ms.Rona is snatching laces! Guess it’s back to the basics… before the lace was melted, the quick weave was queen. A quick weave is super easy and doable for almost anybody.  All you need is to have a vision of your new do and a few necessary tools. The first tool is a cap to
protect your hair from the adhesive and the hair you are using for your quick weave. A u-part is excellent for crafting a half up and half down look, like the one shown above.  There’s also a dome and mesh weaving cap to provide you with overall protection of your hair without it looking bulky and clunky.  The possibilities here are endless, and it also depends on the style you are trying to achieve. The second and third tool that is essential to your look is the adhesive and an adhesive remover. A nicely executed quick weave can last you up to 4 weeks, making it an awesome hairstyle for when your hair needs a break, and you just want a simple, cute hairstyle to last for about a month.
    Image: VoiceOfHair , Sourced from Pinterest
          Sourced from: Pinterest
    Keep your Summer glow well into Fall. Clean, hydrated skin is the key to a healthy glow. 
    The benefits of coconut and hibiscus do not stop at hair. Bring on the glow with these firming and brightening products from Shea Moisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus body and skincare collection. Take your skin’s glow into the fall season with these rejuvenating products. You may have heard of the Coconut and Hibiscus hair care line, well it has extended to skincare also. They have got you covered from head to toe with their hand cream, invigorating body scrub, soap bar, massage oil, body butter, etc. 

    Who doesn’t love a man with a good, clean beard? Just like the hair on your head, it is imperative to take care of those beard hairs. Uncle Jimmy carries a line of beard essentials to help keep your bear  and body nice and moisturized. The collection includes a molding putty, conditioning balm, hair/beard wash, and a curling cream.
    To complete the glow, fellas, add some Uncle Jimmy’s beard oil and ladies the shine mist by Ebin New York is perfect for a sun-kissed glow.
     The Ebin Hair and Body Glitter Mist is an excellent way to keep the shine going into the fall season. The glow never stops. These sprays come in platinum, gold, and rose gold to give your hair and skin a sun-soaked shimmer. Prepare to be the center of attention by applying the spray to your legs and decollete for a rich and seductive glow; this technique, with a light or heavy touch (whatever makes you happy) stops traffic, but not like the chunky roll-on body glitters of our youth.

    As 2020 proves to be the year that “Can’t stop, won’t stop!”, 90s babies are clinging to the nostalgia of yesteryear. 
    The fashion and beauty trends of the 1990s made a grand reappearance about 2 or 3 years ago, and the tides have yet to turn on grunge flannel and door knocker earrings. It seems as if the flair of the 90s is latching on for a long ride with crimped hair, swoops, and flips taking center stage, and Cardi B’s WAP video giving us all the courage we need to try out the long admired up-dos of Freakniks past.  
    The first thing that you need to achieve this look is the right
    hair ; the Virgin Brazilian Remi by Onyx is ideal for this style. If you desire those perfect curls, like the ones Megan and Cardi rocked in the WAP music video, then a curling iron is in order. Hot Tools is a great brand that always delivers. To keep your hair in place and tackle flyways when crafting your do, gone is the sticky spritz of the past, instead opt for wax sticks; a lifesaver that holds the hair without the crunch. Wax sticks offer a subtle, pliable hold for a softer look, but for a more sturdy hold, utilize hair spray or spritz to keep your curls intact. And, of course you’ll need pins to keep your hair in place. Scalp Protector is an awesome new tool for those of us with sensitive skin and swooped bangs. 


    Kiara Wright 


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