• Fall Back and Give Summer her Moment! 🌞

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    How do you say it? Is it foe or fox?

    Whatever you call it, we love’em! Faux Locs are a perfect protective style to transition from summer to fall. The Janet Collection Nala Tress Maverick Locs are handmade and stunning!  They come in two lengths, 18 and 24 inches, and  are easy and quick to install, which means they’re guaranteed to look amazing on you with little to no effort. Whether it’s the traditional crochet method or individuals, the hair is light and flexible, so no more stiff neck from sleeping cute. Easy maintenance and styling, just lay your edges (or not), and slay!

    Protective hair styling is essential to length retention and keeping your natural hair nice and healthy. For the health of your hair and scalp, be sure to moisturize your hair roots and scalp before installing the hair and during the wear of the style. Which makes me think of Jamaican Black Castor oil. 

    Long Hair, Needs Care

    Don’t we all love Jamaican Black Castor Oil? I know several naturalistas talk about how their hair cannot get enough of it. Well, ShopBeautyDepot.com, as your Summer Braid Plug, has the entire collection of As I Am Jamaican Castor Oil products. The collection contains a shampoo, co-wash, hair masque, leave-in, water, hair cream, and gel.

    Black Castor Oil is known to support healthy hair growth while providing deep moisturization for kinky and coily hair strands. Jamaican Black Castor Oil contains omega fatty acids, which work to strengthen your hair as well as nourishing your scalp for healthy hair growth and length retention; the oil is ideal for thin, fragile, or damaged hair.  

    The As I Am brand is formulated by chemist Dr. Ali Syed, once associated with Johnson Products as well Soft Sheen, he is no stranger to the hair care game. 

    The As I Am brand was curated and formulated with the kinky and curly haired gal in mind.      


    Press-On Nails are so Clutch...Literally!!

    Don’t let Corona-Quarantine steal all of your summer fun; jump on the press-on nail bandwagon. Shop Beauty Depot now has Clutch Nails! These nails will make your life so much easier. Clutch Nails are not the press-on nails of our childhoods; now,  press-on nails are just as good, if not better than a fresh set of salon acrylics. All the luxe without the big bucks, at $11.99 a set, save a coin and keep it poppin’. They’re available in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, so do you!

    Clutch Nails are not only high-quality but also durable. Another reason why these press-on nails are exceptional is the price; they run about $10-$12 on ShopBeautyDepot.com, which you could easily spend double or triple that at a salon. Not to mention, salon nails have to be touched up in a couple of weeks causing you to spend way more money. At the most, these nails will take you 10-20 minutes to put on and will cost less than half the price of getting an acrylic or gel set. Clutch nails provide you with beautiful nails that are easy on the wallet and are little to no effort to put on yourself.

    Hot Girl Summer Extended 

    Everyone needs hair down to her butt at least once, right? Well, we think so. These super long locs and twists can bring something extra to your look in the best way. The Afri-Naptural Paradise Twist and the new 36” Bobbi Boss Nu Locs can make it happen for you. The Paradise Twists are pre-braided crochet twists that can be used for a traditional crochet style or crocheted individuals. To extend the twist, the tip of the first twist is pulled through the loop of the second twist and secured with nail glue to give you the beautiful and amazing look pictured above. This style has really been heating up the summer. 

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