• Fall's Fresh Face

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    Essentials for Mastering "The No Make-Up" Makeup Look

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    1. Use a lightweight foundation or concealer. The key to making your base makeup look natural is to spot correct instead of applying it all over your face. Just add the foundation and concealer as needed to avoid putting on too much.  
    • If you prefer a light coverage, BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers may be more your speed. 
    1. Utilize a makeup sponge to push the makeup into your skin. Pushing the makeup into the skin will give you a more natural finish, and it allows your makeup to melt into your skin.
      1. Tip: Powder your face with your favorite powder. For a brightening look, apply a powder that goes best with your undertone. For example, if you have golden undertones, use a powder with a slightly yellow or orange tone on the areas you would highlight. This technique will draw more attention to these areas and give your face a natural glowy look without it looking cakey.
    2. Opt for eyebrow mascara instead of eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow mascara will tint your brows instead of mimicking eyebrow hairs with a pencil. Your brows will look natural while still being defined. 
    3. Apply a cream blush instead of a powder blush. Cream blush will make your skin look less textured and gives you a fresh, flushed look. 
    4. Apply your favorite lip gloss. Pick whichever shade you think looks best for your skin. If you are not sure, clear gloss is always a great look.
    5. Use your favorite mascara instead of lashes
      1. If you need to wear lashes, try out a wispy lash. A full lash can look heavy on your eyes. A wispy is smaller and gives you a subtle appearance providing more length and less volume. A quick, hassle-free alternative, magnetic lashes; just line your eyes and place the lash, no fuss, no mess. 
    6. Spray your favorite setting spray to lock in your base. It will give your skin a more natural appearance by making your skin look less cakey and powdery also. This tip will also prevent your makeup from lifting and transferring throughout the day. 

    4 Lip Colors to Welcome the Fall: 

    1. Shimmery Pink Gloss- A pink shimmery gloss is great for everyday wear. Fall colors do not always have to be bold and vampy. A nice subtle look is perfect for the fall season as well. The shimmer will elevate the look while also making it suitable for a wide variety of skin tones. 
    2. Deep Red- There is nothing like a classic ruby red for the fall season. No
      matter your skin tone or facial structure, a red lip looks great for everyone. Feel free to customize the look with lip liner to make yourself more comfortable. Deep red or a red with blue undertones look great on deeper skin tones. A red with blue undertones can also make your teeth look whiter. 
    3. A Nude or Clear Shiny GlossA nude gloss is essential for everyone. A clear or nude gloss is excellent to have in your makeup arsenal for quick application, and it’s suitable for everyday wear without trying too hard giving you an effortlessly beautiful lip.
    4. Glossy Brown Lip - The ’90s are still going strong in the makeup department. Don’t be scared to rock this trend while it is still here. A brown glossy lip can look great for a night out and with a golden eyeshadow look. Play and experiment because there are multiple ways that a brown lip color can go right. 

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  • The Colder the Air, the Straighter the Hair: It’s #SilkPressSZN

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    The Colder the Air, the Straighter the Hair: It’s #SilkPressSZN
    Fall and winter have been labeled the perfect seasons for straight hair because it will last a lot longer than in the warmer months, the humid air won’t let you be great, working against all the effort you put into straightening your hair. Natural hair tends to revert back to your natural curls or texture when exposed to humid conditions. Curly roots and straight ends, that’s definitely not the look. 
    The key to keeping your hair healthy during and afterward is to properly moisturize your hair and to use a heat protectant. Heat protectants work as a barrier to protect against heat damage; fried, dyed, and laid to the side is not what we want. Now the question is, should you try to tackle this on your own or stick with a professional? 
    Salon vs. DIY
    We go to salons to be pampered and to not have to do the work ourselves, not to mention to enlist the trusted and knowledgeable help of a professional. Going to get your hair straightened in the salon is also the perfect time to get a trim or hair cut. Those are very bold tasks that we generally need to reserve for the classically trained.
    So if you feel like your ends could use a light dusting, or if you want to rock a new haircut, maybe opt to go to the salon to get your hair done professionally. Just be sure to arm yourself with your mask before your appointment. If you're still uneasy with the current pandemic, then stay tuned to learn and see what tips and tools can help you do this hairstyle. 
    If you can’t make it to a salon or you don’t want to risk the rona for straight hair take a look at these tips and tools that you can use to make the most out of your DIY hair straightening. Be cautious about using heat tools at home. Be sure to always use a heat protectant when straightening your hair to keep your strands healthy. 
    So many choices and variations...which to choose? Which to choose? Well, Don’t worry about it too much, because we got you covered. Hot comb or flat iron, which works best for you?
    Hot Comb vs. Flat Iron
    The hot comb has been revamped, we now have hot combs that are electric, which is excellent news for you and your curls. The hot combs in the past were hard to manage the heat. With an electric hot comb, you have more control, which leads to less heat damage on your hair. According to the Natty Natural blog, 450 degrees is the temperature that usually results in heat damage and burned hair. Besides that, the hot comb has other uses that could make your straight hair last longer. 
    Madame Noire's blog presented a different idea for the hot comb. Instead of using it all over your head, use it for upkeep and finishing touches. This technique is awesome if you want straight hair that lasts without subjecting your hair to heat damage by using intense heat on your hair over and over again. Just straighten your hair as usual and use a hot comb around the perimeter of your hair for that extra smooth and sleek look. The Annie: Electric Straightening Comb with Medium Double Sided Teeth could do a great job at this. It can get up to 500 degrees, which is great for thick, coarse hair that tends to be more heat resistant. 
    Flat ironing your hair is good to cover more ground on your head with little to no effort than a hot comb. The  Red by Kiss: Ultrasonic Ceramic Styler Mist 1 1/4" Flat Iron
    is a great choice because the highest temperature it can reach is 430, which makes it great for your hair's health since it is less likely to cause heat damage on your hair. When the flat iron reaches that temperature, it automatically turns off. The mist technology on this flat iron helps seal in the moisture to your hair strands as well, which adds shine to your hair and prevents hair breakage. 
    Titanium vs Ceramic
    Now let’s talk about the different types of flat irons that you can purchase. There are ceramic and titanium flat irons. Many folks argue and debate about which is better, but the truth is that it’s relative. You know what your personal needs and wants are for your hair, so with the facts, you can make an informed decision on which will work best for you and your hair type. 
    Ceramic is the most used flat iron type, and that's because it works great. According to Beyond the Beauty, the material works to smooth out the hair between the two heated plates, giving you the sleek and smooth hair that you desire. It's simple, and that's why it works so well. 
    Titanium, however, is not for the faint at heart. This type of iron works best for
    thick and coarse hair types. It can get extremely hot which can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask. If you have the right hair type and the right heat protectant, this flat iron may be a dream tool for you. If your hair is finer or thinner, you can still use a titanium flat iron, but you will just need to turn down the heat. Here are a few titanium flat iron if you would prefer those over the ceramic ones: 
            • Red Pro Titanium 460 degrees 1inch Flat Iron is available upon request $59.99USD
            • Tyche Titanium Heat
    Blow Dryer: To cut out on some of the extra work, many decide to blow dry their hair first before straightening. Blow drying will stretch your hair and keep it free of tangles. The most important element needed to blow dry your hair is to use the right attachment. Paying attention to the attachments and/or brushes can lead to fewer tangles and tension on your hair, which could damage to your hair strands. 
    The  RED by Kiss: 2000 Detangler Ceramic Hair Dryer comes with both a comb attachment and a concentrator nozzle; the comb detangles as you dry so that your only using one tool, while the concentrator allows for targeted drying and is perfect for stretching the hair, especially when used with a detangling brush.
    The Diane: No Knot Detangler Brush is great for that, whether your hair is drippy wet from right out of the shower or dry. The bristles on this brush are flexible as well, making it excellent for different ranges of hair thickness. 
    For added volume use a round brush to give your hair some shape while stretching it. The Annie: #2043 Thermal Brush works to smooth the hair with the material in between the bristles. It holds heat to make your hair silkier and reduces your drying time. There’s also the Diane: Ceramic Straightening Brush #D9705. This brush is a great companion for flat irons,it’s perfect for the brush chase method. The base of the brush is made from tourmaline ceramic, which holds the heat on your hair and gives you smoother results. 
    Heat protectants and serums are the most critical thing that you need to make sure that you’re keeping your hair healthy while using heat. Heat protectants and serums provide a barrier between your hair and the heat to minimize the damage the heat can cause on your hair. 
    BioSilk is a weightless serum that works to give moisture and shine to your hair. This serum also works to combat environmental factors, like UV rays and humidity, that could make your hair revert quicker than you’d like. BioSilk also works well with color-treated hair on top of protecting your hair from heat damage.  
    Chi is a well known product that protects your hair against intense heat. It works similarly to the BioSilk heat serum, fighting against environmental factors as well as strengthening and providing your hair with the smooth, silky look that you crave. The only difference is that Chi does not claim to work well with color-treated hair like BioSilk claims.
    Best Products to Maintain Your Curls
    Many love the silky straight look, but there are plenty of us that also don’t want to compromise curlfriends to get it. These products work best to provide your hair moisturizing and protection necessary for a healthy blowout. They will extend the life of your press n’ curl and reduce the risk of heat damage. 
    To start, there’s the Chi hair care line. All of their products are known to be high-quality products that protect and style your hair without jeopardizing your hair’s health. They have everything from styling tools, like flat irons and dryer, to hair sprays, heat protectants, shampoo, conditioner, and other hair treatments. Take a look and experiment with a peace of mind that you are purchasing quality products for your hair styling needs. 
    The Mizani Thermasmooth line is a haircare collection that keeps the longevity of your straightened hairstyles in mind. The collection carries a shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant serum, anti-frizz cream, and finishing spray. All of these products are designed to make the most out of your blowout. They are infused with coconut and almond oil, which are both known to promote health and shiny hair. 
    Deep Conditioning and Moisturizing Masks
    Before you straighten your hair, you should always deep conditioner or put some type of conditioning treatment onto your hair strands. Not only will this improve the health of your hair, it can also make your hairstyle last longer. 
    When it's time to welcome back curls, you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure your hair’s health. The TGIN Miracle Repairx line can help bring the strength and moisture back into your hair after you have straightened it. The haircare line is packed full of all the good and emollient oils that you can think of, like coconut, olive, argan, jojoba, and peach kernel oil. All of these oils and nourishing ingredients provides your hair with the moisturizing properties it needs. 
    Trend on the Rise: 1960s Undone Glamour
    Diana Ross, the Queen Motown was not just known for her singing. She was also known for her style. Either with The Supremes or solo, the hair motto was the “bigger the better,” and their hairstyles were nothing short of that. In today’s time, the voluminous, effortless looking curls and high crowns are making a comeback. Of course, in a more modernized way, inspired by the looks of Black women entertainers in the 1960s.  
    Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes were also known for their loved-up, big hair looks that excites trendsetters today.
    Get the Look!
    The Fringe bang is back. The key to these hairstyles is big bangs and the VOLUME. Lots and lots of volume. To achieve this look, teasing combs and pics are very much needed to get the big hair that you desire. To get the tousled curls just right, you will need a Curling Iron, rollers to maintain the hairstyle, and texture spray. Get the modern or classic  60s look, add a winged eyeliner and bold eyelashes
    How to Get the Look with Natural Hair
    Natural hair would look great with this hairstyle as well. The natural texture to your hair gives the volume one would need for this hairstyle with a lot less work. The texture also allows for the hair to hold the curl better. Follow these easy and steps to get the glamourous full curls pictured above. 
    First, blow dry your hair straight or stretch your hair.Skip the flat iron, because it will take the volume that we need to achieve this look out of your hair. 
    Next, set your hair with setting lotion, mousse, or twist and defining cream and apply rollers.Then dry your hair under a hooded dryer or let air dry overnight.
    In the morning, separate the curls the same way you would a twist out and use a dry oil mist to smooth flyaways and add shine.
    If you do not have the length for this hairstyle or you want to switch up your protective style, you can use crochet braids. 
    Crochet Marley hair or Cuban twist into your own hair. This hair works best because it matches your natural textures. You can also use any braiding or crocheting hair that can be set with hot water. Here are a few hair brands and products that you can use: 
    Bobbi Boss Nu Twists and Jamaica Braid
    Mayde Beauty Softest Twist Braid
    Mayde Beauty Cuban Twist 
    Afterward, use Flexi Rods to curl your hair and use them
    to maintain your hairstyle as well. You can also use large cold wave rollers to set your curls into place. 
    Image Sourced from Pinterest       Image Sourced from Pinterest 
    Kiara Wright

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  • Breakage No More: Protective Styles for the Fall/Winter Season

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    Breakage No More: Protective Styles for the Fall/Winter Season

    Protective styling isn’t only for the summer, in the colder months, our hair is more prone to breakage and extreme dryness; so these styles are an excellent way to ensure that your hair is protected and healthy. To combat the dryness of Fall and Winter, you can wear different protective styles to keep the ends of your hair tucked away for growth and length retention; just make sure that you are moisturizing your hair really well beforehand and in between as needed.  Here are a few hairstyles that you can utilize during the fall months that are nothing short of fashionable.  
  • Crochet Braids, Twists, and Locs
Image: Divanamk, Image Sourced from Beauty Depot
Crochet braids, twists, and locs are so quick and easy to do. They can give the look of box braids, passion twists, or locs with about half the work. 
  • Crochet faux locs 
Image: PoeticLocs, Image Sourced from Beauty Depot
A quick hairstyle that gives you a seamless look with less effort. 
  • Accessorize your Flat Twists/Cornrows  
Image Sourced from Pinterest
Don’t sleep on flat twists. Many tend to look over the simplicity and professional look that a flat twist can give. You can twist your hair into an updo, like pictured above, for a clean and simple w look or get creative with different patterns and accessories. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone that is always on the go and doesn't have time to fix your hair every morning. The most work with this hairstyle is a scarf before bed, and maybe gelling your edges in the morning if you are feeling fancy.
Image Sourced from Pinterest
  • Feed-in braids or cornrows is another hairstyle that many folks overlook. The look is effortless but can be dressed up with hair jewelry, braiding thread or even a hairband.
    • Accessorize your two-stranded twists 
    Image Sourced from Pinterest 
    Take your two-strands to the next level with a bit of accessories. The easiest thing you can do would be to add a colorful headband. There’s also hair jewelry or decorative bands; you can also pin them up, clip them back or style them half up and half down.
    • Crown Twists/Braids
    Image Sourced from Pinterest
    Image Sourced from Pinterest 
    Here is another easy look for the girls that still want to serve fierceness. Crown braids and twists are here to stay. Like the flat twists, this hairstyle is perfect for busy girls that want their protective style to last a week or two with little to no freshening up.
    • Let’s play with color: 
    Image Sourced from Pinterest
    Image Sourced from Pinterest 
    This fall, brighten up your season with a little color! Coloring your hair can be intimidating to many natural hair folks, the main concern being damage to your hair, which is understandable. Any hair coloring product that uses a developer, chemically alters the hair in order to deposit color, this change in the hair structure can result in a loss of texture or curl. In an effort to maintain our crown, many naturalistas usually avoid hair color as much as possible. That concern in today’s time is no longer necessary. Colored hair wax offers a temporary coat of color that washes right out. Mofajang Color Hair Wax delivers that to you with zero damage and an easy application, just coat your hair with the wax at the end of your normal styling routine. The hair wax currently is available in 9 colors: black, orange, blue, purple, red, silver, gold, green, and white. 

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  1. Hair Care

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    Hair Care

    How to Prepare for a Protective Style

    The key to making your protective hairstyles last longer and look their best is how you prep your hair. Here are a few general rules of thumb to keep your hair healthy, by making sure it's clean and moisturized before your protective style. 

    1) Cleanse Your Scalp, as well as your hair, well

    Scalp cleanliness is essential to growing your hair. It allows your scalp to breathe by removing product buildup and flakes. These two factors can block your hair from growing. Nobody knows your hair as well as you do, so access your hair in between wash days to see the health of your scalp and what it needs. Reach for the Head and Shoulders Royal Oils Collection to treat your scalp and hair; Head and Shoulders is great for treating dandruff and dry scalp, but it’s also good for anyone looking to hydrate their scalp. This line is formulated by Head and Shoulders to promote scalp and hair health for relaxed and natural hair; the collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, masque and daily scalp cream, but the best products in this line are the Seal and Prep Moisture Milk and the Instant Soothe Scalp Elixir. Both products are perfect for protective styles. The Moisture Milk will seal in moisture on the scalp and length of the hair and the Scalp Elixir is ideal for soothing a dry or irritated scalp while your hair is braided or twisted.

    Image Sourced from Beauty Depot  


    2) Detangle Your Hair Thoroughly 

    Skipping this step could be dire to your strands. Detangling before installing your style prevents further breakage. If you were to create a protective style on tangled hair, your hair would eventually knot and be harder to deal with when you take the hairstyle out. Be sure to take the time to detangle your hair thoroughly beforehand. Feel free to use a detangler brush, or you can finger detangle, with a conditioner with great slip.

    Image Sourced from Beauty Depot

    3) Deep Condition 

    A great way to ensure that your hair stays moisturized in a protective style is to deep condition right before installing. Choose your favorite deep conditioner and for optimum results, wear a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer. The heat allows the properties in the deep conditioner to penetrate and seep into your hair strands. You can also use a deep conditioning cap if you do not have the time to sit under a dryer. The cap is self-warming by drawing in your natural body heat to keep the deep conditioner warm on your head.  

    4) Moisturize Your Hair and Scalp

    Many people use protective styles to grow their hair. This tactic is less effective if you do not take the time to moisturize your hair first. You can make the most out of your moisturization routine by utilizing the L.O.C. or L.C.O method. L stands for Liquid, O stands for oil, and C stands for cream, these different steps ensure that you lock in and seal the moisture into your hair. The L.O.C. method has a strong reputation among all naturalistas, but L.C.O is known to work best with low porosity hair, which is a type of hair strand that requires more oil to allow moisture in. Applying the oil after the cream seals the hair and keeps it moisturized longer.  

    Another tip, pay special attention to your ends with the use of an oil or an oil-based product. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair, so taking extra care of them could benefit your length retention. 


    Image Sourced from Pinterest 

    5) Stretch Your Hair for an Easier Install 

    There are several ways that you can stretch your hair. You can do a traditional blow out with a hairdryer, a twist out, braid out, African threading, banding, or curl formers. It seems like a lot of added effort, but this step is critical to have a seamless installation of style. You also don’t have to work as hard to detangle your hair. With stretched hair, it is easier to see the knots and tangles in the hair. 



    5 Things to Keep for Optimum Hair Growth This Fall 


    1) Protective Style, Protective Styles, Protective Styles

    Protective styling is known as the key to hair growth and length retention. Why? The name says it all. These kinds of hairstyles are protecting your hair from any external forces that could cause breakage or split ends, which in the long run can damage your hair and hinder its growth. This can be any hairstyle where your ends are tucked away (braids, twists, locs, sew-ins, wigs, quick weaves, ponytails, buns, etc…) and keeps your hands out of your hair for an extended amount of time. 

    2) Deep Condition Often

    This step can help you cut out a lot of extra work in your hair care routine. You will not have to moisturize your hair as often outside of your wash day routine. The added moisture can prevent further breakage and damage to your hair shaft as well as improve the overall health of your hair. To optimize your results with deep conditioning, use a cap to allow the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair. Every two weeks is ideal.    

    3) Trim Dead Ends as Needed

    Split ends and single strand knots are every naturalistas worse nightmare. To keep these issues at bay, trim or dust your hair as needed and regularly; dusting or dust trimming your hair is when your hair is sectioned in twist or braids and you clip the very ends of the braid or twist. Snags and knots in your hair can lead to more damage to your hair shaft.  

    4) Moisturize your scalp and hair often

    This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but effectively moisturizing your hair and scalp may seem difficult to most. Kinky and coily hair tends to be drier, so many folks do not know how to effectively moisturize their hair. The main goal is to work smarter and not harder. This means using the L.O.C. or L.C.O. method to cut down on you moisturizing your hair so often. It will ultimately lead to your hair holding onto the moisture longer.  

    5) Have a weekly hair routine 

    Establishing a routine with your hair can help your hair growth. The only way you will see results is by consistently caring for your hair. Learn what your hair likes and what works best for you and your lifestyle. Once you have customized a hair routine for yourself, stick to it, and you WILL see results.

    5 Beneficial Hair Oils for Natural Hair 

    With the fall season fast approaching, that means colder weather which means us naturalistas need to take extra care with our hair when it comes to moisturizing. This article will highlight some useful and emollient oils to use in your coily and curly hair. You can also play around with the ratios in these oils and make a hair serum for your personal hair needs.


    1. Argan Oil- Argan oil is wonderful for pretty much every hair type but especially curly and coily hair. It has a high amount of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E. All these components strengthen your hair as well as providing long-lasting shine and moisturization. Argan oil is ideal for those you struggle with brittle or damaged hair. 
    2. Jojoba Oil- This oil is exceptional for scalp health. It is packed with vitamins C, B, and E, which all nourish the hair very well. There’s also a high amount of copper and zinc. 
    3. These minerals promote hair growth and can work to combat hair loss. Jojoba oil works great for those you suffer from dandruff. You can apply this oil directly to your scalp with a dropper and massage it in for the best results.
    4. Sweet Almond Oil- You don’t hear about this oil all that much in conversations about healthy hair which is such a shame. There is basically nothing that this oil cannot do. Almonds are a natural antioxidant and with high amounts of vitamin E means that it is great for hair growth. This oil can also make it less likely for you to develop split ends.
    5.  Jamaican Black Castor Oil- Who doesn’t know about Jamaican Black Castor Oil, right? This oil is awesome for those who have thin or brittle hair as well. The productivity of this oil is due to the high amounts of fatty acids that it possesses. The acids also help promote hair growth.
    6. Avocado Oil- Avocado oil is very emollient while still staying light. It is rich with oleic acids and monounsaturated fats, which means it can easily penetrate your hair shaft instead of sitting on top of the hair strands. That means that this oil is great for moisturization and strengthening your hair.


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    Bobbed Twists, Locs, and Braids
    The perfect style for the low-maintenance folks. We all love thick and long hair, but sometimes it is good to give the inches a break. Long traditional braid and loc styles can be heavy and sometimes weigh the hair down, causing  damage and breakage. Since this is a protective style, you want your hair to be under as little stress as possible to allow your hair to breathe and regenerate. Just cause this style is shorter doesn't mean this look won’t slay. 
    Like the longer twists and faux locs, the shorter style is also very versatile. You can add beads and  jewels for fun and embellishments. Try playing around with different techniques and looks, you will find something that is the perfect fit for you. Styling the hair up differently can also completely change your look; a half up half down style is more casual and playful, perfect for school, concerts, or weekends on the couch. 
    Color blocking braids and twists
    Meet ombre’s daring and aggressive sister, color blocking. Color blocking is the upcoming braids and twists trend characterized by a drastic transition in color. You can achieve this hairstyle in a wide range of colors; you could even tie in the neon trend into your look. 
    This hair trend can be quite bold with radically different colors in sections of your hair or be subdued by doing a darker color at the root and a brighter color at the bottom. This trend will really help you stand out and give a pop to your look, be as extra or lowkey as you want, be creative and think outside the box with this look. 
     Image: Sourced from Instagram; Jazmyn Rodgers
    Image: Sourced from Instagram    Image: Sourced from Instagram
    Kiara Wright

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