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Essentials for Mastering "The No Make-Up" Makeup Look

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  1. Use a lightweight foundation or concealer. The key to making your base makeup look natural is to spot correct instead of applying it all over your face. Just add the foundation and concealer as needed to avoid putting on too much.  
  • If you prefer a light coverage, BB/CC creams and tinted moisturizers may be more your speed. 
  1. Utilize a makeup sponge to push the makeup into your skin. Pushing the makeup into the skin will give you a more natural finish, and it allows your makeup to melt into your skin.
    1. Tip: Powder your face with your favorite powder. For a brightening look, apply a powder that goes best with your undertone. For example, if you have golden undertones, use a powder with a slightly yellow or orange tone on the areas you would highlight. This technique will draw more attention to these areas and give your face a natural glowy look without it looking cakey.
  2. Opt for eyebrow mascara instead of eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow mascara will tint your brows instead of mimicking eyebrow hairs with a pencil. Your brows will look natural while still being defined. 
  3. Apply a cream blush instead of a powder blush. Cream blush will make your skin look less textured and gives you a fresh, flushed look. 
  4. Apply your favorite lip gloss. Pick whichever shade you think looks best for your skin. If you are not sure, clear gloss is always a great look.
  5. Use your favorite mascara instead of lashes
    1. If you need to wear lashes, try out a wispy lash. A full lash can look heavy on your eyes. A wispy is smaller and gives you a subtle appearance providing more length and less volume. A quick, hassle-free alternative, magnetic lashes; just line your eyes and place the lash, no fuss, no mess. 
  6. Spray your favorite setting spray to lock in your base. It will give your skin a more natural appearance by making your skin look less cakey and powdery also. This tip will also prevent your makeup from lifting and transferring throughout the day. 

4 Lip Colors to Welcome the Fall: 

  1. Shimmery Pink Gloss- A pink shimmery gloss is great for everyday wear. Fall colors do not always have to be bold and vampy. A nice subtle look is perfect for the fall season as well. The shimmer will elevate the look while also making it suitable for a wide variety of skin tones. 
  2. Deep Red- There is nothing like a classic ruby red for the fall season. No
    matter your skin tone or facial structure, a red lip looks great for everyone. Feel free to customize the look with lip liner to make yourself more comfortable. Deep red or a red with blue undertones look great on deeper skin tones. A red with blue undertones can also make your teeth look whiter. 
  3. A Nude or Clear Shiny GlossA nude gloss is essential for everyone. A clear or nude gloss is excellent to have in your makeup arsenal for quick application, and it’s suitable for everyday wear without trying too hard giving you an effortlessly beautiful lip.
  4. Glossy Brown Lip - The ’90s are still going strong in the makeup department. Don’t be scared to rock this trend while it is still here. A brown glossy lip can look great for a night out and with a golden eyeshadow look. Play and experiment because there are multiple ways that a brown lip color can go right. 

Image Sourced from Pinterest 



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