Murray's Gels Murray's: Gel Loc-Lock 8oz
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African Pride Hair Care African Pride: Black Castor - Extra Hold Braid, Loc, Twist Gel 8oz
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BTL Hair Care BTL: Supreme Performance Braiding Gel 8oz
BTL Hair Care BTL: Extreme Performance Braiding Gel 8oz
Nappy Styles: Super Hold Braiding Gel 6oz
Bronner Brothers Styling Product Bronner Bros: Locking Gel 6oz
Claudio St. James Hair Care Claudio St. James: Braiding Jelly 8oz
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Ampro Hair Care 8oz Ampro: Shine 'n Jam - Supreme Hold
Ampro Hair Care Ampro: Shine 'n Jam 16oz - Magic Fingers
Murray's Styling Product Murray's: Edgewax with Caffeine 4oz
BTL Hair Care BTL: Extreme Performance Lock & Twist Gel 8oz
UNX pro Styling Product Tacky Fingers: Extra Hold Braid Gel 16oz
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All Day Hair Care All Day:  Locks & Braid Foam Control 8oz
Vigorol Styling Product Vigorol: Maximum Shine & Wave Mousse 12oz
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LottaBody Styling Product LottaBody: Wrap Me Foaming Mousse 7 oz
FANTASIA: IC Hair Polisher Styling Foam 8.5oz
Ampro Styling Product Ampro: Shine 'n Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse 12oz
BTL Styling Product BTL: Supreme Performance Foam Wrap Lotion 8oz

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