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Kiss Professional Cosmetics DARK BROWN KPBS01 Kiss: i-ENVY Brow Stamp
Kiss Professional Cosmetics EBONY KPBS02 Kiss: i-ENVY Brow Stamp
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Kiss: i-ENVY Brow Stamp

$ 9.99
  • Vendor: Kiss
  • Product Type: Eyes
  • Barcode: 731509663082

Kiss i-ENVY Brow Stamp lets you stamp your favorite eyebrows evenly: No mess, no fail. Quick and easy eyebrow application. Whether you have light eyebrows or have lost your eyebrows due to over-tweezing or alopecia, Eyebrow stamp, pre-shaped left and right side stamp, creates the perfect, natural-looking eyebrow in a few seconds that will last all day.


  • For picture-perfect brows in seconds
  • Stick-on brow stencils let you shape, define & fill in color with ease
  • Hands free, no fallouts, easy for everyone


Directions: Peel Stick-On Brow Stencil off of backing. Line up the stencil the best you can over your natural brow and press on. Fill in your brow within the shape of the stencil working your way outward. Next, remove the Stick-On Brow Stencil and gently touch up any sparse areas.