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Absolute New York Cosmetics ABSOLUTE NEW YORK: Smudger Brush #AB014
  • SKU: 888432007213

ABSOLUTE NEW YORK: Smudger Brush #AB014

$ 4.99

Absolute New York Smudger Brush expertly defines and smokes out eyes for an instant boost of drama. The tightly packed, shorter bristles of this smudger brush are specially designed to precisely deliver bold pigment – making it the perfect tool for applying and blending out color along the lash line.

Maintaining Your Brushes

1. Thoroughly wet the bristles of your dirty brush and dispense a pea sized amount of your favorite brush cleanser into the palm of your hand. 
2. Work up a lather, and gently swirl the bristles in the palm of your hand to break down, and then clean away residue + product build up. 
3. Rinse through bristles until they're clean of discoloration and water runs clear. 
4. Reshape bristles into their original form, and allow brush to dry laying flay or upright to remain quality.